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Service Locations

  • Merced, Ca

    Merced, Ca
    Cream Of the Crop

    Merced County is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, the world’s most productive agricultural area, and spans from the coastal ranges to the foothills of Yosemite National Park. Agricultural-related industries are a major source of employment, along with food processing, retailing, and light manufacturing.

  • Firebaugh, Ca

    Firebaugh, Ca
    Cal Ag Resources

    Immediately outside of Firebaugh, the surrounding area is almost entirely agricultural land in all directions – we are proud to serve this area and help work the land.

  • Fresno, Ca

    Fresno, Ca
    Cream Of the Crop

    Rich soil, irrigation, and the hard work of farmers who came from all over the world combine to make Fresno and Fresno County the richest and most productive agricultural county in America – we are proud to say that our employees are amongst this group of hard working individuals.

  • Coalinga, Ca

    Coalinga, Ca
    Cream Of the Crop

    Coalinga has the largest garlic packing capacity in the world. Our companies have been supplying dependable labor to Coalinga packing houses since 1995.

  • Tulare, Ca

    Tulare, Ca
    Cream Of the Crop

    The backbone of Tulare’s economy continues to be its rich agricultural and dairy industry. Our companies have been a major supplier of labor to this area since of 1995.

  • Corcoran, Ca

    Corcoran, Ca
    Cal Ag Resources

    Home to the world’s largest privately owned farm, Corcoran area farms are known for their premium pima cotton, alfalfa hay, tomatoes, onions, & wheat.

  • Kettleman City,

    Kettleman City
    Cal Ag Resources

    Kettleman city is the 6th of the top 101 cities with the largest percentage of males working in the agricultural industry.

  • Delano, Ca

    Delano, Ca
    Central Valley Contracting

    Agriculture is Delano’s major industry. From its thousands of acres of grapes, Delano produces 50.0% of the world’s table grapes by 5.0% of the world’s growers.

  • Lost Hills, Ca

    Lost Hills, Ca
    Cal Ag Resources

    From farm to table, about 75% of Lost Hill’s population is engaged in producing a large portion of California’s bountiful crops.

  • Buttonwillow, Ca

    Buttonwillow, Ca
    Cal Ag Resources

    Buttonwillow is also locally known as the cotton country, due to the abundant planting of cotton in the vicinity.

  • Bakersfield, Ca

    Bakersfield, Ca
    Central Valley Contracting

    Bakersfield is the fourth most productive agricultural county (by value) in the United States. Bakersfield is also home to our corporate office.

  • Arvin, Ca

    Arvin, Ca
    Central Valley Contracting

    Arvin’s economy is primarily based on agriculture. Additionally, some of the world’s largest growers have made their home in the fields of Arvin.

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