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Food Safety

December 6th, 2013 by admin

A majority of growers are not prepared to train farm workers regarding food safety and sanitation issues. In many instances, there is a language barrier between farmers and their employees. In fact, statistically the language most-often spoken by San Joaquin Valley farm workers is Spanish, with 87% of the labor force speaking Spanish, 8% speaking English, & 5% speaking Creole. As a result, farm workers, most often are entirely depend- on others to translate written and spoken words. In many instances, the cultural norms within these different groups, also clash with required food safety protocol.

All of the Trilogy Group Companies understand how important a role food safety plays in the production of your crops. Additionally, we realize that our workers are often the only people to handle your crops before it reaches the consumer. That is why, as Farm Labor Contractors, we provide personnel that will effectively translate and present safety material, and specific to your needs, to ensure that every one of our employees is properly trained prior to commencing work at your job site.

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